Sunday, January 4, 2009

Breakfast Diva's Great Idea

Hey all....this is my first Blog for Breakfast Diva's..... I love to go to new places to eat the good old eggs.....toast....OJ.....omlette's...biscuits and Gravy.......and even down to the good old Cup a Joe!

Every so often my partner and crime's will search out a new place to grab some great breakfast and chat.

If you know of any places to grab some great grubb then let me know and maybe we will hit the spot and right a review!!!




  1. In Chicago proper I'd suggest The Grove (Diversey and Pine Grove), Stella's (Broadway and Wellington), and Red Hen Bakery (Diversey and Pine Grove). All very tasty!

  2. I suggest The Green Bay Cafe in Winnetka on Green Bay Road and also Cafe Buon Giorno also in Winnetka in the Laundry Mall. The Green Bay Cafe has Bread Pudding French Toast which is to die for and also the Better Chedder Grilled Cheese. Buon Giorno has the Italian Villager which my husband just loves. I like their tuna salad on pita or any of their pancakes or their soups or french toast or egg white sandwich.

  3. Sherrlyn of Breakfast is great. There was a time in life when I only drank juice for breakfast but now it is eggs and vegies. mmmm

  4. Apple Villa, Batavia IL. Apple Pancakes are awesome.

  5. Brookfield, IL
    Ogden and Custer
    Dizzy's Diner

  6. Sorry that there has been any new updates!!!I lost my job so I have had to cut back.... but I did eat at the best fried chicken place ever Dell Reah's in Willowbrook

  7. Since my blog in January I have been to Eggexperience in Long Grove......LOVE IT!!! Prices are right for the amount of food you terrible...... i would skip it and get a tea........ pancakes.....not good.....go to walkers...... eggs.......GREAT!!!! and plus the hasbrowns and sausage ROCK!!!!!!!!

    I have also been to IHOP lately....... not bad for food with a coupon....... have to live cheap right now!!! the new location in Elgin is really great!!!!